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Opportunities in Biodiesel,  2006 - 2010  

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This is a comprehensive report on the emerging biodiesel industry and is designed to provide objective analysis of the industry, insights, trends and market forecast to various industry participants.


*    Data on current and forecast biodiesel demand

*    Identification of key end-use markets for biodiesel and demand  drivers in these end-use industries

*    Information on manufacturing economics and pricing

*    Insights into feedstock supply issues and alternatives

*    An understanding of the distribution challenges and potential solutions bio -diesel presents to the market

*    Assessment of financial risks due to incentives by federal government and regulatory changes

*    An independent assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the biodiesel market 

This is a must-read report for all stakeholders in the biodiesel business...

*     Investment banks, venture capitalists and law firms,  Soybean farmers and co-ops,  Biodiesel industry – feedstock suppliers, manufacturers and chemical suppliers,  Biodiesel marketers and distributors, Petroleum refiners




Global Business Opportunities in Lubricant Base Stocks, 2005 - 2010


A syndicated report designed to provide subscribers with high-value information and insights on the global supply and demand for lubricant base stocks.

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GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN LUBRICANT BASE STOCKS, 2005 - 2010 is the second in a series of syndicated base stock studies launched by Petroleum Trends International, Inc. The first in this series, Business Opportunities in Base Stocks North American, was completed in 2003.


• Current and projected global demand for base stocks by region


• Global trends and developments impacting demand


• Current and projected global supply and demand balances


• Import and export activity


• Impact of GTL on the global base stock business


• Base stock producer profiles


• Business opportunities for base stock producers









Volume I - Lubricant Marketer Perceptions

The First Annual Industrial Report Card on: Major Lubricant Suppliers in The US Market, 2005

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A comprehensive survey and comparative analysis of how lubricant marketers and end-users rank and rate major manufacturers of lubricants in terms of their products, salesmanship, programs, pricing, technical and customer service, added-value services, and other key areas of their business activities.




· Comparative survey data ranking and rating lubricant manufacturers’ policies, programs, pricing, people, products, and other factors

· Objective and in-depth analysis of why some majors are leaders, while others are laggards in marketer relations

· Recommendations on how to achieve excellence in marketer and end-user relations

· Profiles of the majors and the leading independent lubricant manufacturers in the U.S. market.




 Jobbers World Newsletter   

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(12 issues)


The first and only independent newsletter to focus on lubricant distributors.
Each month Jobbers World includes:
• News about lube distributors and suppliers
• North American Retail and Wholesale Price Reports
• Outlook for key lube markets
• Forecast and industry trends
• Full access to the JW Resource Room!
• And so much more!

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 Lubricant Marketers Directory 2005 - United States     

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Finally!  A directory with information on lubricant distributors, manufacturers, and their suppliers. All in One!

The most comprehensive directory available on the US lubricants business. Includes contact information and brand representation for over 2,000 lubricant manufacturers and distributors. Contact information for key lubricant personnel with the majors. Contact information on suppliers to lubricant manufacturers and marketers. A must have for publications for anyone buying or selling in the lubricants business

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 Keys to Success in Selling Your Business - Fuel and Lubricant Jobbers  


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The first in an ongoing series of reports designed specifically to assist independent fuel and lubricant jobbers address the challenges of selling and buying businesses, and forming joint ventures and strategies alliances. It is an objective, hands-on report that that provides insights into the selling process in language that is easily understandable. This report is not generic; rather it includes specific lessons learned with regard to the sale of a lubricant or fuel distribution business.

 The basis of the report is the experiences of, and lessons learned from, actual sellers of lubricant and fuel business, as well as best practices from the selling process of other similar type businesses. PetroTrends-Bywater’s staff of professional consultants performed the entire study. This team has real-world knowledge of running and advising lubricant and fuel businesses as well as hands-on experience in the acquisition and divestiture process.

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